Upcoming 5 Features in iPadOS 16

Everyone is getting curious about what Apple will unveil at the event.

At this year’s WWDC event, everyone is expecting that Apple will release the major software updates to all of its operating systems.

But you don’t have to wait for the WWDC as through some leaks and reports we know some features that might be included in the upcoming updates.

Everything we know as far!

iPadOS 15 bought some much-needed features to the iPad like better notification management and quick note functionality. Now let’s see what iPadOS 16 will bring.

M1 Native Apps:

Mac-level first-party app support is added to iPadOS 16. Apple is also planning to launch XCode, Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro. This could be a huge plus for the artists and creatives. 

Floating App Windows:

Rumors say that Apple is developing a smart system for iPadOS that will allow the apps to operate in full screen but it will automatically shrink whenever a keyboard and trackpad are connected.

Interactive Widgets:

Apple will most likely release the interactive widgets in the iPadOS 16, it will allow you to control the apps right from your Home Screen. And some reports even say that we might get widgets on the lock screen.

Icons Makeover:

According to resources maybe there’s a makeover coming to the iPad‘s app icons. New looks for the icons are maybe on their way and the report claims that the icons will look fairly similar to the macOS Monterey icons.

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