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elden ring's hotbar

Most of the people didn’t know about this as the game mentions it briefly very early on.

Playing Elden Ring and not using the Hotbar? [also known as the pouch], It’s okay!

Did you know that your favorite game Elden Ring almost crosses 1M concurrent players on steam?

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The Hotbar is located behind the four icons that live in the bottom-left corner of your screen; those icons show your equipped items, spells, and gear.

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If you hold Triangle/Y during normal gameplay, the icons in that bottom corner change to something new.

Here you can assign your two flasks, your health potions, physick, the spell for healing others, and your horse to the Hotbar.

These instructions will tell you how to equip items using the Elden Ring Hotbar/Quick Pouch. Swipe up to see!