Conhost .exe


Recently users have reported that their PC started behaving strangely and when they open up their Task Manager they saw two processes of csrss.exe and conhost.exe  using high memory.

What Is Conhost.exe?

Connhost.exe stands for Console Window Host process and this process is shown in Windows 10, 11 Task Manager.  It allows the user to drag and drop files securely without any threats to the command prompt. 

Run System Maintenance Troubleshooter

Solution 1

1. Click on the Search icon 2. Select Control Panel. 3.Now look for Troubleshooting 

4. In the left pane click on View all.  5. And select System Maintenance  6. After the troubleshooting is done you need to run your Windows in Safe Mode.

Scan For Virus and Threats 

Solution 2

1. Click on the Search icon 2. Select Settings. 3. Now click on Privacy & security > Windows Security

4. Select Virus & threat protection and click on Quick scan. 5. Wait for the scan to finish and then restart your PC to see conhost.exe  in Windows 11 is fixed.

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