Discord Easter Eggs

Discord Easter Eggs

Are you looking for Best Discord Easter Eggs? Or You don't know What are the Discord Easter Eggs? ever?

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Top 8 Discord Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

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01. Discordo

This Discord easter egg plays a Discordo sound whenever you open the Discord app. 

02. Music Note

You need to click on the arrow buttons shown on the screen and you will hear some music notes playing. 

03. Snake Game

You will see a snake game in front of your screen and for that, you need to simply press the arrow keys.

04. Raging Demon

You can get this by pressing Control + / and then press the following keys (H, H, <right arrow key>, N, K). 

05. Empathy Banana

Whenever you search on Discord's DM or within a server, if the result doesn't exist you will see the above image.


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06. Copy Easter egg

After copying the username you will click it after a short time and will see more colorful text. 

07. AMOLED Optimized Mode

In the Appearance settings click on Dark 10 time and you will see a hidden Discord theme

08. Computer Man

Computer Man is an old video clip from an old Canadian show called Vid Kids. 

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