Top 10 Best Defense in Madden 21

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Are you looking for the Best Defense in Madden 21? Or, You don’t know What are the Best Defensive teams in Madden 21?

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Top 10  Defense in Madden 21


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01. Chicago Bear

The bears have talented players from all over the field with DB’s Eddie Jackson and a defense rating of 87.

02. San Francisco 49er

The opponent will be scared due to the outstanding players waiting to defend such as CB Richard Sherman with an overall rating of 87 

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03. New Orleans Saint

The team has been the favorite one in madden 21 due to an overall rating of 93 of which 86 in defense

04. Baltimore Raven

It’s known as one of the hardest teams to play against in Madden 21 as they have a defense rating of 86

05. Detroit Lion

They have an overall rating of 85 in defense and due to their excellent teamwork, they succeed in defending every time

06. New England Patriot

Their overall rating is 79 but when it comes to defense then you will see a rating of 85.

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07. Tampa Bay Buccaneer

You should be really careful because their defense line won’t let you pass through easily the defense with an OVR of 83

08. Buffalo Bill

If you looking to win matches in the NFL Madden 21 then having a Bills team is quite a good option due to the overall rating of 83.

09. Denver Bronco

This team sacrifices their attack and completely focuses on the defense due to which they have an overall rating of 79

10. Pittsburgh Steeler

The Steelers team is a full package as they have a good offense and excellent defense. They have an overall rating of 84

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