Best Motherboard for AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Builds [2021]

Got your new AMD Ryzen 2600 processor or thinking to get one, and for that you would be searching a supported AM4 motherboard. I’ve checked all the best motherboards, reviewed them so you get the most of your processor based on what kind of a person you’re to make it easier for you to select. 

Keeping price & performance in mind, #3 motherboard is an all rounder that you’d love.

 Our Top Picks For Motherboards For Ryzen 5 2600

One of the best options to get the best of gaming while not spending too much.

In terms of performance, the ASUS ROG Strix B450-F Gaming manages to combine a large feature set that you would desire while maintaining the gaming looks we have out eyes stuck on. The Cyber look is done so well combined with Aura Sync in this price bracket looks like a gift.

  • Rating on (4.7/5)
  • Amazon’s Choice [Best Price Option]

Pros & Cons of ASUS ROG Strix B450-F

  • Great DRAM overclocking
  • SupremeFX Audio
  • Overclocks without issues
  • Missing power/reset buttons
  • No M.2 heatsinks
  • No Wi-Fi

Top Features of Strix B450-F

Cyber Look: Sleek Cuts & Cyber Text Pattern

ASUS Aura Sync

Performance Level Up

SupremeFX: Integrated Audio

Advanced Features

  • Memory Capacity: 64GB
  • Memory Slots Available: 4
  • AMD AM4 Socket: The perfect pairing for 3rd/2nd/1st Gen AMD Ryzen CPUs
  • Gaming connectivity: Dual M.2 and USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-A connectors.
  • Gaming networking: Intel Gigabit Ethernet, plus ASUS LANGuard and GameFirst technologies.
  • 5-Way Optimization: Automated system-wide tuning, providing overclocking and cooling profiles that are tailor-made for your rig.
  • Aura Sync RGB: Synchronize LED lighting with a vast portfolio of compatible PC gear.
  • Gaming audio: SupremeFX S1220A teams with Sonic Studio III to create an aural landscape that draws you deeper into the action.
  • Gamer’s Guardian: Pre-mounted I/O shield, ASUS SafeSlot and premium components for maximum endurance

Amazon Reviews (Verified Purchases)

This motherboard is a pure joy. Totally brilliant and still one of the best in the market for high end gaming. This is for a gaming rig I hooked up for my kids. It was long overdue.
amit s****
I asked for a replacement , it worked flawlessly , Bios detected all components . Thanks Amazon. I wish it also comes with a VGA port on the mobo but I guess VGA is "too old"
Do not recommend these Strix Gaming boards, something on them is certainly not acceptable quality. Get the TUF series instead, cheaper and so far seem to be better quality.
A. Moo**

This is the maximum performing motherboard compatible with AMD Ryzen 2600, and with RGB lights it’s one of the most good looking too. The motherbaord actually provides more than you’d require.

The motherboard supports 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen / Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics Desktop Processors for AM4 socket. You will get On-board Wi-Fi 5 (802. 11AC) with mu-mimo support.

Audio boost 4 technology with nahimic 3 software enhancement for immersive experiences for the best sound quality you can expect. It’s safe as well with the Pre-installed IO shielding that protects the IO ports from potential electrostatic discharge damage from the external environment

What people are less aware about is its LIGHTNING GEN 4 SOLUTION that gives upto 64Gb/s than the standard 6Gb/s giving you the biggest boost from a motherbaord.

  • Rating on (4.6/5)
  • Amazon’s Choice [Best Price Option]

Pros & Cons of MSI MPG X570

  • More USB3 Gen2 ports than competitors
  • 2 x USB Type-C ports
  • Good overclocking
  • WiFi 5
  • RBG lights
  • Better NIC could be added
  • No onboard buttons or voltage monitoring points

Top Features of MSI MPG X570





Advanced Features

  1. Brand: MSI
  2. Processor Socket: Socket AM4
  3. Ram Memory Technology: DDR4
  4. Compatible Processor Types: AMD 3rd Generation Ryzen
  5. Chipset Type: AMD 570X
  6. Memory Speed: 2666 MHz
  7. Memory Storage Capacity: 128 GB

Amazon Reviews (Verified Purchases)

Used this motherboard for a fresh build with Windows 10 because it's already compatible with the new Ryzen 5 processors. It was fairly straightforward to assemble within the tower, with the use of the accompanying manual.
Feature filled, with plenty of I/O at a price that is difficult to beat, this board really takes the cake in many ways. It replaced an Asrock X570 Extreme4 due to better compatibility with the ARGB in my case and the better aesthetics for my build. I am extremely happy with the choice I made, and would do it again.
Amazon Customer
Technically: This board runs my 3700x fairly well, even with stock cooling... I'm not overclocking, and everything is on default settings in the bios... other than XMP enabled and adjusting the fan curves.
D. St***

It was tough for me to recommend a motherboard that could fit the largest audience’s needs while I wanted the price to be as low as possible with maximum features. MSI B450 is also famously known as a steal and one of the best deals from MSI.

  • Rating on (4.5/5)
  • Amazon’s Choice [Best Price Option]

Pros & Cons of MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon Max Wi-Fi

  • Awesome performance for the price
  • Serious over-clocking potential
  • High Wi-Fi Speeds
  • Unique carbon fiber look
  • Power hungry in idle
  • Limiting storage interface options

Top Features of MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon Max Wi-Fi

Enhanced BIOS Compatibility

M.2 Shield: Maximize SSD Performance

Customize Your Gaming Rig

Core Boost

Advanced Features

  • Supports 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen / Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics Desktop Processors for AM4
  • Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 4133(OC) MHz
  • Mystic Light and Mystic Light Sync: 16.8 million colors / 29 effects with synchronization to RGB/RAINBOW strips and compatible devices
  • Onboard Wi-Fi (802.11ac)
  • Lightning Fast Game experience: TURBO M.2 with M.2 Shield, StoreMI, AMD Turbo USB 3.1 GEN2
  • DDR4 Boost: Optimized traces and isolated memory circuitry
  • Audio Boost 4 with Nahimic: Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality

Amazon Reviews (Verified Purchases)

So I have been spending the last few weeks doing research on the perfect motherboard to pair with a new Ryzen 5 2600. I had been focusing on the X470's, primarily because I didin't want to have to wait on AMD to send me a new cpu to flash the bios update onto one of the older mobo's (instant gratification of a purchse and all that).
So far I have no issues with this board. It has lots of flexibility in terms of where you can place your hookups and that’s good since everyone needs something different. CPU: AMD - Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6GHz 6-Core Processor ($223.54 @ Amazon) Motherboard: MSI - X470 GAMING PRO CARBON ATX AM4 Motherboard ($191.09 @ Amazon)
A. Gu***
On the box it says its Ryzen 3000 ready. I am using Ryzen 2600. This is my first computer build. I fitted an M.2 nvme drive which disables Sata 5 & 6. I also fitted a mechanical drive. The bios is menu is well laid out and looks easy to use. I updated the bios using the m.flash menu in the bios.
Tomas F***

To go budget we need to make sacrifices, and a right set of sacrifices where we are not effected a lot seems to be the best budget motherboard. Here’s the exact case: you are sacrificing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and RGB lights in addition to more ports. One can adjust without Wi-Fi and you can personalize your PC to your liking by selecting the color of your choice to illuminate the external RGB light strip.

Additionally, don’t expect many connections on it. And preferably get a processor with a built-in graphics card.

  • Rating on (4.6/5)
  • Amazon’s Choice [Best Price Option]

Pros & Cons of Gigabyte B450M DS3H

  • Supports CPU and Ram Overclocking
  • 4 Ram slots
  • M.2 NVMe slot
  • Best price by far
  • 2x PCIe x16 slots
  • Cooling Could have been enhanced
  • You can overclock from within the given presets

Top Features of Gigabyte B450M DS3H

RGB Fusion

Smart Fan 5

Multiple Displays

Ultra Durable

Advanced Features

  • Brand: Gigabyte
  • Processor Socket: Socket AM4
  • Ram Memory Technology: DDR4
  • Compatible Processor Types: AMD 2nd Generation Ryzen
  • Memory Speed: 3600 MHz
  • Platform: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Graphics Card Interface: PCI-E
  • Memory Slots Available: 4
  • Number of Ports: 1

Amazon Reviews (Verified Purchases)

I'm writing this review in the hopes of helping any others who were in the same situation as me. I had bought a ryzen 5 3600, and wasn't sure this mobo would come with the latest firmware to support the chip. It came with a ryzen 3000 ready sticker on the mobo packaging.
Pretty solid board. I bought 2 of these and both work well and were overall easy to set up. While it is in the description I missed it. Small gripe but there is only one CPU fan header and one other fan header. I ended up having to use a splitter
J. Plu***
There are cons but still 5 stars, because it's part of the description. If product page did not explicitly state certain details then minus stars. This is a fantastic B-450 series AM4 motherboard. This motherboard should never cost more than 70 USD.
Solo T**

Here we are looking for the best performance motherboard where I tried to find you most of the things you’d need in the minimum possible budget. MSI has included two 5050 RGB LED strip headers but does lack any integrated RGB capabilities under the heatsinks. Additionally, you got a Wi-Fi, memory slots and the best price.

  • Rating on (4.5/5)
  • Amazon’s Choice [Best Price Option]

Pros & Cons of MSI B450I Gaming Plus Motherboard

  • Excellent build quality
  • Over-clocking capabilities
  • Only 802.11 AC WiFi
  • Only one NVME

Top Features of MSI B450I Gaming Plus Motherboard

DDR4 Boost

Core Boost

Lightning Fast Game experience

Wi-Fi Supported

Advanced Features

  • Brand: MSI
  • Processor Socket: Socket AM4
  • Ram Memory Technology: DDR4
  • Memory Storage Capacity: 64 GB
  • Maximum Memory Supported: 64 GB
  • Graphics Card Interface: PCI-E
  • Memory Slots Available: 2
  • Wireless Type: Bluetooth + Wi-Fi

Amazon Reviews (Verified Purchases)

I will start off by saying that I think I've tried just about every Mini ITX board out there with the 350 chipset. Seemed to be ok running my Ryzen 2600X.
Todd W****
I ordered this product from Amazon seller at the end of April 2020. The motherboard that I received was built in March 2020 and was pre-loaded with a BIOS ready for Ryzen 3000 series, which was a great relief for me.
J K**
In fact, this is my first PC build. What I can say is that I expected a MB that met all the basic functionality demands that I needed and that this MB has met all of them.

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