Recently users have reported that their PC started is getting a bit laggy  and when they opened the Task Manager they saw that Wsappx is using almost 90% of the CPU

What is Wsappx

It's a part of Windows Store and Universal app and its role is to install, uninstall, updating apps from the store, and making sure that the apps are licensed. 

Run a CHKDSK Scan

Solution 1

1. Search “Command Prompt” in the Startup menu, then choose Run as administrator. 2. Click the Yes button for confirmation when the dialog box appear

3. Type chkdsk /r and press Enter 4. You will receive a message saying if you want the disk scan to be performed when you reboot your PC next time

Run System Maintenance Troubleshooter

Solution 2

1. Click on the Search icon 2. Select Control Panel.  3. Now look for Troubleshooting 

4. In the left pane click on View all.  5. And select Windows Store Apps 6. After the troubleshooting is finished restart your PC and you will be able to get rid of Wsappx  High CPU Usage.

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