WoW Item Restoration Not Loading? 

Is WoW Item Restoration Not Loading? Or You are stuck in the login loop? Or The page does not load at all?

How many items can you restore in WoW?

50 items you can  restore in the world of warcraft in one go. if you have more than 50 items you can do it in 2 terms 

2. Router Issues 

Let's head to solutions

 Restore WoW Item

Solution 1

Whenever you lost an item and disenchanted item in your game of World of Warcraft. 

Now, you have to use the Item Restoration Feature to get back your item

1. Go to the Blizzard Item restoration  2. If the link is not working then follow the next steps. 3. First, go to the Blizzard Official Page  4.  Now select the Support button

5. The support page will open 6. Type in the search bar "item restoration" 7.And select the subject from the left side "World of Warcraft" 8.. Now suggestions will come

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Restore a Deleted Character

Solution 2

If the character is deleted which contains the items you want to restore.First you have to restore it before restoring the items. 

Follow the upcoming steps

1. Go to the "Create New Character" 2. Click on the "Circular Arrow Button" 3. The new screen will open 4. This list of the character will Open

5. Select the character you want to Restore 6. Now click on the "Circular Arrow Button" 7. A confirmation prompt message will come 8. Click "OK" to proceed

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