Automatic Repair Loop Windows 11

Since the launch of Windows 11 

many users who were waiting for it eagerly downloaded it on unsupported devices and it leads to many bugs.


Startup Repair Windows 11

1. Firstly shut down your PC completely and then press the power button to boot up the system.

2. Now force shutdown your PC by pressing and holding down the power button. 3. And carry out the above step at least 2 to 3 times and the 4th time boot up your PC normally.

4. Now you will see an Automatic Repair screen and click on the Advanced options.

5. Click on Troubleshoot. 6. And choose Advanced options > Startup Repair option.


Run a CHKDSK Scan

1. To run the chkdsk command you need to know the name of the hard drive partitions.

2. You need to follow the above steps mentioned in solution 1. 3. Then select Advanced options > Command Prompt

4. Type chkdsk /r and press Enter

5. You need to type the name of the disk too 6. Type Y and press Enter.

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