Windows 11 Headphones Not Working 

Since the launch of Windows 11 

many users who were waiting for it eagerly downloaded it on unsupported devices and it leads to many bugs.


Update Audio Diver

1. Click on the Search icon

2. Type Device Manager 3. Click to open Device Manager 

4. Now look for Audio inputs and outputs  in the list

5. Right-click on Speakers/Headphones and then select Update driver 6. Now follow the on-screen instructions for the updates to install.


Run Sound Troubleshooter on Windows 11

1. Click on the Search icon

2. Select Settings > System. 3. Now look for Troubleshoot and click on it.

4. Next, select the Other troubleshooter option.

5. Now under the other heading select Playing Audio and click on the Run button.


Enable Playback Device

1. On the bottom right of your taskbar right-click on the sound icon and select Sound settings.

2. Scroll down and select More sound setting 3. Under the Playback tab right-click on the device and if the option is Disabled then click on it to Enable it.

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