Valorant Ranks Explained - How do they Work


Want to know about Valorant Ranks? 

Is 1 or 3 higher VALORANT?

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Valorant has eight major ranks which define the position and skill of the player in the game 

These majors have sub ranks as you achieve the score and the requirement of the Sub at the end of the game you will earn it 

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In Valorant Ranks, the 1st is considered as low rank while the 3rd rank is considered as the highest rank in sub Valorant Ranks. 

Does Rank Decay happen in Valorant?

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Valorant does not have a feature of the Rank Decay. Your Rank will stay intact even you are away from the game. 

Valorant Ranking System


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1. Open the VPN

The Valorant Ranking system is a bit different that why some players get confused in the Valorant ranking system. Valorant ranks System is consists of 8 Major ranks which come up with sub ranks. 

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1. Iron 

2. Bronze 

3. Silver 

4. Gold

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5. Platinium

6. Diamond

7. Immortal 

8. Radiant 

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