Top 10 Blade and Sorcery Mods

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Are you looking for Most Fun Blade and Sorcery Mods to play with your friends? Or You don't know What are the Most Blade and Sorcery Mods ever?

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Top 10 Best Blade and Sorcery Mods


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01. Time Stop

This spell allows the player to stop or freeze anything in the game except the player itself 

02. Thor's Hammer

It allows you to attack mortal and immortal enemies with its lightning and thunder effects. 

Want to have the original feels and experience?

03. Cosmic

Have the power of cosmos and cast spells of space theme-related which almost destroy the whole world. 

04. Katana Megapack

Katanas specialize in rapid slices and blunt damage to enemies when hit with the hilt. 

05. World Wars Weapons Pack

It includes 10 weapons from WWI and WWII, of both the US and Germany. 

06. Crossbow

A fully functional crossbow where you need to pull the wire back, put in a bolt, and pull the trigger to fire. 

07. The Outer Rim

It comes with Lightsabers, blasters, helmets, maps, and much more to fight and live in this Star Wars world. 

08. Fisher’s Pistols Pack

This mod comes with a unique collection of pistols with original sounds,  animations, and custom behaviors. 

09. Mine and Sorcery

You get a wide range of epic weapons from Minecraft, tools, and armor

10. Witchcraft and Wizardry

Mod includes Elder Wand complete with spells, Sword of Gryffindor, and the Golden Snitch. 

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