Top 3 Elden Ring PvP Meta Build

The online feature that players enjoy the most in Elden Ring is Players versus Players.

Elden Ring, months after its release was the hottest topic in gaming and still, it is.

It’s so popular that even in Elden Ring DLC, a PvP-focused feature might come.

You need a good build that matches your playing style and a recommended Meta PvP level to win a Duel.

These are the Top 3 Elden Ring Meta PvP builds but these should fit your individual playstyle. You can always modify these builds according to your needs.

The assortment of Rivers of Blood Katana with the Bloodhounds Step Ash of War, this build requires accurate actions and once you master the quick tempo there is no stopping.

1| Shinobi Build – Bloodloss Strategy

The blend of twin chilly slender swords that results in speedy frost harm, reset with the assistance of the Hearth’s Lethal Sin Incantation.

2| Frostfire Knight Build – Cascading Frostbite Technique

This build requires a high TNT stat and the Clayman’s Magic Harpoon can pack a tremendous heavy attack if chained correctly after a Glinstone Pebble.

3| Glinstone Witch Build – INT Spell Caster

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