Elden Ring  Tips & Tricks

I’ve gathered some tips and tricks of Elden ring for you which will be helpful during your journey in the Game.

Newcomers to Elden Ring may find some of its systems frustrating until they get used to the game.

The following tips will help you get a better handle on your surroundings and start moving in the right direction.

there are a lot of enemies and wandering bosses that are well above your level.

You should run from or give them their own space until later in the game when they’ll be much easier to defeat.

Don’t get into Unnecessary Fight

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A torch is the first thing you’ll want to buy before you venture into any dungeons.

The merchant Kalé is just outside of Church of Elleh, a stepping stone from the tutorial area, so head north from there to find him.

Torch is Must!

By exploring and finding map fragments, you’ll fill out Elden Ring’s map,

but there is an important extra thing to know, you can put up to 100 custom markers on locations beyond the standard waypoints.

Use Map Marker

One of Elden Ring’s features is a guard counter, useful against high-health enemies that can take a lot more punishment than most.

To use it, block an enemy’s attack and press the heavy attack button immediately afterward. This will launch you forward and deal a strong retaliatory blow.

Use Guard Countering

When you equip two of the same weapons, your character will enter a “power stance” that lets you unleash a special attack.

Power stances don’t require two identical weapons, any weapons of the same type will do, like two straight swords or two daggers.

Use Dual  Wield Weapons!

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