Is it  too  much?

Is it  too  much?

Elon Musk says 

we should see Steam running on Teslas soon.

Yellow Wavy Line

a steam demo will probably come to Tesla motors next month.


Tesla automakers have already been entertaining their drivers through the built-in Tesla Arcade inside their autonomous vehicles, like Cuphead, Fallout Shelter, and Sonic the Hedgehog 1.

Presumably, the notion to add Steam’s digital storefront to its Tesla users fuels discontent among people.

The reason I know this is because I scraped through Reddit threads and it felt like people were more concerned with the:

 “problems the vehicle has and not the trivial garbage like video games in the center console”

"All the effort, time, and money spent here is diverted away from things that actually matter, like quality control for example"

- trades46

“Yeah, it drives me crazy. They could be working to make the car actually better to drive by improving the aauto -headlights, -high beams, -wipers, etc. Instead, more video games! Fart noises! Sigh.”

Here’s another one. RWD-by-the-Sea comments on the subject stating,

Musk has not followed through on promises to bring Cyberpunk 2077

Elon Musk wants to make high-end titles available through a Steam integration and not as individual games.

But do Users Really Want?

What do you think?