SteelSeries Arctis Prime Mic Not Working 

7 Easy Solutions

Is your SteelSeries Arctis Prime Mic Not Working? 

No, Worries! We Have a Fix

What Causes Arctics Prime microphone not working?

SteelSeries Arctics Prime microphone not working due to Engine Software outdated or a corrupted audio driver.

Solution 1

Check your Cable Connection

Plug your headsets again in the audio jack and also check for worn-out parts of the cable.


Solution 2

Unmuting Your Microphone 

Just follow the steps:

On the left earcup of your Arctis Prime will see the mic button 


Press the button to turn the light  off 


 And your SteelSeries Arctis Prime microphone will be unmuted. 


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Solution 3

Allow Apps To Access Your Microphone 

Solution 4

Set Your Headset As the Default Communication Device 

Personalize Your Space

Solution 5

Update Audio Diver  

Check  2 More  Steps  On Our Guide

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