Spotify Station

Is shutting down

Say goodbye to Spotify Stations!

The Spotify app “Stations” is closing down on May 16th. 

The app will be shut down both on its mobile apps and on the web.

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Spotify still didn’t give reasons behind shutting down the Station but Don’t worry, your favorite playlists and stations will still be available!.

They say you can transfer your favorite stations from the site to the Standard Spotify app, they’ll be available in the standard app.

The app was designed to provide curated playlists of music and allow users to access audio content more like a radio station, rather than picking out individual songs or creating their own playlists.

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Now you can’t even install the app from the play store or even from the web page, but the downloaded app still works.

Spotify is going to be rolling out a few changes.

The streaming service announced it will integrate live audio capabilities from its companion app, Spotify Greenroom, within the main Spotify streaming app. 

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