Which one is Better?


Batman: Arkham

I have brought you 2 of the most favorite and memorable superhero games.

The Batman: Arkham and Spider-Man have provided an unforgettable experience therefore are compared the most. I must say they both have originality and distinction.

White Lightning

I have brought into light a comparative case where you will be able to understand the best for yourself by reading the analysis.  

White Lightning

spider man wins a point for having some extra parkour skills, swinging abilities with little details make it a win-win situation. 

Comparing Battle Art of Spider-Man and Batman: Arkham 

Batman incorporates individual fighting styles whereas Spiderman has a variety of options available 

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White Lightning

Spiderman did a great job in laying the story beautifully. Writers smartly intertwined non-superhero elements with superhero features

Comparing the Stories 

Arkham Knight successfully engaged the audience in an emotional, long story

White Lightning

Nothing in spider man was similar to batman's emotional aspect and deep storyline. But yes you get to see a wholesome relationship between Peter and Dr. Octavius

Comparing the Characters 

In Arkham batman had a difficult time going through psychological trauma due to the joker's death. Also stopping Scarecrow from destroying Gotham, definitely had a lot on his plate. 

Orange Lightning

What's the conclusion?   See for yourself