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For PlayStation 5

For PlayStation 5

Hey PlayStation 5 owners! Got an awesome new PS5, but want to make the most of it?

When you get a new PlayStation 5, you should also invest some time in learning all about the device.

Here is the list of a Few Tips and Tricks for PS5!


Shortcut for Home on PS5

Usually, if you press the PlayStation button it flies you to the control centre. A long press of the PlayStation button will take you to the home screen.


Screen glitching in PS5

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Prevent Your PS5 From Dust

The problem that has arisen in PS PRO with a 4K TV is that the screen goes out and black for a while and comes back.

This annoying problem has a solution that hopefully might work for you.

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Prevent PS5 From Overheating

When you are playing on your PS5, it normally heats up but you should keep the temperature in check.

Main Issues to this problem can include putting the PS5 in a closed area or too much dust on the inside of the PS5.

you can BUY This High-Speed Charging Dock with an Efficient Air Suction PS5 Cooling Fan.

Prevent your PS5 from Overheating and Charge it at the same time


Cleanup your PS5


Typing via D-PAD


Control PS5 via smartphone


Adjust the default difficulty

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