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For PlayStation 4

For PlayStation 4

Play Stations have taken over the world by storm since its release. An amazing gaming machine that provides the ultimate quality of services.

Let’s not wait further as the following is a list of 10 remarkable Tips and Tricks.


Fix the slow performance of PS4

A very easy and quick way of getting rid of slow-performing PlayStation.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to apply this technique frequently.

Instead, it is a rare yet amazing solution to your problem.


Quick Switch b/w Game and Earlier Screen

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PS4 has adapted the user interface technique of quickly switching between the screens/applications similar to smartphones.

PS4 has been successful in making it user-friendly despite the size.

You can easily switch between the last application or the home screen by double-pressing the PS button on your controller.


Face Recognition in PlayStation

New-age technologies have made us used to the quick logging in techniques whether it be fingerprint scanners or face identification. Typing in long & strong passwords can take forever.

PS4 introduces a quick, more reliable signing-in method to your PlayStation. If you are meticulous about privacy then this is for you!


Phone as typing tool with PS4

Have you tried this Move Motion Controller?


Minimise lag in Multiplayer Game


Identify Fully Charged Controller through Light Bar


Remap the Controller Button

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