Nintendo Switch Error 2-ARVHA-0000

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Nintendo Switch Error 2-ARVHA-0000

Are you facing Console Not Responding Error?

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Are you getting Nintendo Switch Error 2-ARVHA-0000? 

Solution 1

Update Nintendo Switch

The outdated Nintendo is the main cause behind the Nintendo Errors. Nintendo Switch auto-updates it's on its own. But sometimes unavailability of the internet might cause Nintendo to skip the update. 


1. Open the Nintendo Switch 

2. Go to Home Menu

3.Select System Setting

4.Scroll on the left menu

5.Find and select Data Management

Check Nintendo Server Down

Sometimes the Nintendo server is down due to maintenance or some technical issue. If you are not aware of such any maintenance activity you can confirm it by visiting Nintendo's official website where you can see the servers are down or not. 

5. On the right side Select Manage Software

6. Go to Home Menu

7. Now select the most recent software which gives you an error

8. After that select Check for Corrupted data

Power Cycling Internet Router

Sometimes, a corrupted DNS cache may accumulate or other startup configurations in the router leading to Nintendo Switch Errors

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