Kosatka Submarine

How to Buy, Locate & Upgrade

In GTA Online, a group of the greatest heists ever have been put together. The newest, Cayo Perico, is one of the most massive and vital to the history of GTA Online.

With it came several new missions for players to enjoy and earn money from.

It also includes a special type of submarine that can be used for housing different kinds of vehicles.

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The Kosatka is one of the most important vehicles in GTA Online right now. It’s required to get to Cayo Perico, which houses all of   the new missions     and content.

When you’ve spoken with him, he’ll ask you to help him pull off the Cayo Perico heist. In order to make this happen, you’ll need a submarine.

To unlock the ability to purchase this submarine, we’re going to need to visit Miguel Madrazo. He can be found at the new Music Locker location underneath the Diamond Casino.

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White Lightning

Once you’ve spoken with Madrazo, Warstock Carry & Cache will start selling the submarine on their website.

What's Next?Swipe Up!

What's Next?Swipe Up!