Top 10 Fallout 76 Mods

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Are you looking for Best Fallout 76 Mods to play with your friends? Or You don't know What are the Best Fallout 76 Mods ever?

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Top 10  Fallout 76 Mods


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01. Quick Configuration-Ini-Editor

It also allows the user to change the volume and settings of the audio and video interface. 

02. Text Chat

It allows the players to chat in global, trade, group, clan chat, local chat, party, and an EU global chat. 

Want to have the original feels and experience?

03. Better Inventory

It allows the player to sort out items into 4 categories which are weapons, food/drink, apparel, and notes. 

04. Recipes and Plans Glow

Helps find items as the loose items placed anywhere will start to glow green so you can collect them up. 

05. ComponentPart

Will reveal all the parts of components when it's broken down whether it's a teddy bear or a gun. 

06. Vault-Boy Cartoon

Replaces the main menu loop with the titular Vault-Boy from Bethesda’s trailers and films. 

07. Paper Bags Glow

Helps the players to identify the bags that are dropped by the players or dropped when they die as it starts to glow yellow.

08. Appalachia Warfare

Replaces the vanilla sounds with the original sounds of guns and explosives. 

09. Lowered Weapons 76

Helps the player to move freely without pointing the gun at its friends all the time

10. Ultimist's High Detailed Map PLUS

If you want to dig deep inside the map then this mod is the only way to explore the Fallout 76 map 

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