Audio Services Not Responding 

Every time you start your computer, the speaker icon has the red X on it. When you click on the speaker, this will starts the Windows troubleshooter which automatically starts the service. but you are finding a way to fix this error “Audio Services Not Responding” permanently? 

How do I fix  the  audio service is not responding?

1. Restart the audio service 2. Check audio component 3. Restart the PC 4. Update your Windows/OS 5. Update the sound Driver

Restart the PC

Solution 1

Whenever you encounter a sound error and any game bug. You should restart the Windows before applying any further solutions 

Keep your PC Updated

Solution 2

1.Click on the Windows icon  2. Click on the Settings icon 3. A new window will pop up 4. Select Windows Update from the left menu

5. The new window will pop up 6. Then click on Check for updates button. 7.If there is any update, it will start updating the PC 

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