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Free Nintendo switch games

You can now sit down free from strife because we have brought you a way to play more quality games without having to pay a single penny.

Many of us have already sacrificed enough for being charged exorbitant prices for consoles. It feels awkward to even buy each game after paying a heavy sum for the console.

This list will hopefully help you.

Pac-Man 99


By eating ghosts it sends some other obstacles to your opponents as a way to complicate the chances of winning. 

Pac-Man 99 is a surprising remodeling of the classic pac-man formula. The fun part is whoever manages to survive out of 99 players, wins.

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The game has a large variety of characters that play as fighters, you have various options to choose from. 

It is a fighter game. There are a lot of items that various players can unlock allowing them to gain certain powers. 

Asphalt 9: Legend


Asphalt is a savior in this case! It provides a thrilling experience. After winning a race you get blueprints for upgraded vehicles. The challenges keep on increasing 

I have been a racing game lover and as much as you crave that intense competitive race, unfortunately, we don’t have many quality options available.

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