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From Xbox Mobile App

Microsoft is launching a new update to its official Xbox app on Android and iOS that will allow users to share their game stories.

In a blog post, Microsoft says the Xbox app will now let players create and share “Game Stories” with their friends.

The ‘Stories’ feature has been popularized by social apps like Snapchat and Instagram. 

Microsoft isn’t the first gaming company to get on board  

Epic Games recently added Stories to its Fornite game, and 

Ubisoft included Snapchat-style Stories in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint last year. 

These stories will comprise game screenshots, gameplay clips, and achievements, which can be viewed for 72 hours.  

To create a story, you need to tap the ‘+’ button next to your Gamertag on the Xbox app’s home screen.

Microsoft has released a new feature for its Xbox app, alongside a new Quality of Service tagging feature on its consoles 

What's Quality of Service?

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