Why Isn’t Garth Brooks on Spotify

Why Isn’t Garth Brooks on Spotify

Spotify is the biggest digital music and podcast app but it still lacks some of the biggest artists.

Some artists just don’t like Spotify, mainly because of their artist compensation policies.

Garth Brooks is one of them.

The country star Garth Brooks has sold the most solo albums in the United States but has never put any of his albums on any of the music streaming platforms. 

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Until 2016, Amazon somehow convinced Garth Brook to release his album on Amazon Music Unlimited.

Garth Brooks values radio play which even helped him in his early career. Garth has mainly 2 objections to the music streaming services:

He believes that these services don’t pay enough to those who create content.


And that many people are using these sites for free, a form of stealing from artists who work hard to produce such content.


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