VAN9002 Control Flow Guard 


Did the error message say "This build of Vanguard requires Control Flow Guard (CFG) to Be enabled in the system exploit protection settings"? 

What is error code VAN9002 ?

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This error comes when your Windows Exploit Protection is disabled on your PC.   

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So, in order to rectify the VAN9002 Control Flow Guard error, you have to enable Windows Expolite Protection.   

Solution 1

Enable the Windows Exploit Protection

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1. Press Windows + S to open the Search dialogue

2. Type Exploit protection and click on the Open option

3. Windows Security windows will open

4. Under the System Settings section you can see all of the following headings: 

Solution 2

Performing a Clean Boot

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1. Press Windows Button + R Key

2. Type "msconfig"& Press Enter

Here is how to perform a Clean Boot in Windows:

3.The System Configuration window will open

4. Select Services tab & Uncheck all the unnecessary service

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5. Only check those you need now

6. Now click OK 

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