Valorant Error code 4


Did the error message say "Your display name is invalid"? 

Solution 1

Restart the Game

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1. Open the VPN

Whenever you encounter Valorant Error Code 4 and any game bug, you should restart the game before trying any further solutions. 

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1. Open the VPN

Restarting the game will eliminate any temporary error which is occurring due to the old cookies and cache or the system's other software is clashing with your gaming software. 

Solution 2

Change Username & Tagline

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1. Go to the Riot Offical website 

2. Go to the Riot Offical website 

Here is how you can Change Username & Tagline in Valorant

3. A new page will open enter your Username and password

4. After you will back on the webpage

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5. Now click on this link Account management 

6. Sometimes there is no option for account management under user name so you have to use the link mentioned above

7. If the link asks for a password then enter your riot id password

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