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For Steam Deck

For Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is a nicely put-together portable gaming computer developed by Valve.

Bringing exciting tips and tricks to your doorstep for you to unwind and enjoy the experience with Steam Deck.


Keep Steam Deck up-to-date

For smooth functioning, stay cognizant of whether your steam deck is up-to-date or not. The system may lag or show weird signs due to pending updates.

You can also see for the last time the deck was checked for an update right below the button of Check for Updates.


Quick Screenshot shortcut

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The screenshot feature comes in handy, especially in new-age devices.

Note: This may only work if you are using the steam deck’s own user interface.

To upload the image somewhere, treat it like a mobile phone. Click on the image options and choose upload.


Check Storage Space on Steam Deck

Being a gaming enthusiast, constantly downloading the latest games can make you completely forget about the storage of the device.

Don’t worry we got you covered. Easy steps to check the available space can aid in running games smoothly.


Identify the location of installed game

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Effective Keyboard Use


Adjust Brightness Manually


Force Quit game shortcut

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