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For Xbox Series X/S

For Xbox Series X/S

If you love video games, you’re probably looking forward to the Xbox Series X and Series S.

If you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, you’ll need to know how to do a few things. This article will show you how to set up your Xbox, whether you have the Xbox Series X or S.


Enable Energy Saving Mode:

With Instant-On, your console will be ready to use as soon as you turn it on.

If you want to save energy, then go for Energy-Saving.

Your console will take a bit longer to boot up, but you’ll be able to use the console remotely with voice commands and get in the game faster.


Enhance your Background:

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Xbox One users should be familiar with how to customize the home screen by now. It’s the first step in personalizing your system and making it your own.

To do so, press the View button, which is the one on the left that looks like two windows.

This is a good idea because you can move your most-used content to the top so that it’s easier to find. You can choose colors and backgrounds too, or even themes! If you don’t like yours, you can get another one or create your own.


Tired of Noisy Notification? Silence Them

Annoying pop-ups are those notifications that keep interrupting you when gaming or watching a movie on Xbox.

You can turn off your notifications or can decide what you want to receive or create rules for them.


Use Calibrate HDR For Game

Get your Grip on Your Controller and Play Better


Record or Take a Screen shot


Link with a Digital Assistant


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