MSI Katana GF66 RTX 3050 Only for $750

If you are in the market for a new gaming laptop but

don’t want to push your budget too far beyond the $1000 mark, then this MSI Katana GF66 gaming laptop is worth checking out.

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Microsoft happens to be selling it right now with a $350 discount. Typically, it’s going for an MSRP of $1100 but with the discount, you can get it down to $750 currently.

If you’re sick of seeing the same old Lenovo and Dell laptop designs around your office or at home and fancy something with a little more personality, MSI is the brand for you.

Medium Brush Stroke

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They create gaming laptops that actually look like gaming laptops. With glowing RGB lights, a futuristic outer shell, and a sturdy but lightweight build, the Katana GF66 shows off just how cool the laptop design can get.

See the laptops specs on blog 

See the laptops specs on blog