Video Games Are Now Portraying Arab Characters Positively

In many Arab cities, young people on hot summer days sit in an air-conditioned video game cafe and compete on consoles.

A citizen of Egypt, Eslam Gamal, does the same. Eslam Gamal is a video game enthusiast who spent many hours playing video games.

Eslam had one complaint about the games that they portrayed Arabs as terrorists but this still never stops him from playing.

But now time has changed.

But now time has changed.

Now more global look has been adopted by Tv shows and Movies as now Arabs can be seen in mainstream titles.

In Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series, Altair Ibn-La’Ahad is still a Syrian Assasin but he has become an Arab hero, this has transformed Eslam’s gaming experience.

Many more games have also started portraying Arab characters as heroes, in the Dues Ex series, Faridah Malik is shown as a skilled pilot and the first recognizable Arab female protagonist in a game.

Ubisoft started tapping into the Arab Market in 2015 and Assassin Creed became the first mainstream game to be released fully localised for the Arab audience by adding Arabic speech, subtitles, localised user interface, and main screens to the game.

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