TenZ Optimized PC Settings In Valorant


Want to know TenZ Optimized PC Settings In Valorant on Windows 11? 

Solution 1

Go in Valorant Properties

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1. Go to the Valorant game icon on your desktop and left-click on it

2. The small menu will open and select Propertie

3. Properties will open select the Compatibility Tab

4. Under the heading of Settings check the box "Disable fullscreen optimizations"

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5. Now click on the  "Change high DPI settings"

6. A new settings window will open

7. Under the Heading "High DPI calling override" check the box of the "Override high DPI scaling behavior"

Solution 2

Turn on the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling

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1. Press Windows + S and  Windows search bar will open

2. Now Type "Graphics settings" select the appropriate option and click on the Open button

3. Under the Default settings option select "Change Default Graphic Settings"

Here is how you can Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling on Windows 11:

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4. Default Graphic Settings  windows will open

5. Under the heading of the "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" click on the toggle.

6. Now your Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling will On.

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