PS5 Restock Alert!

Could be Yours,  FINALLY!!!

Hey, PlayStation fans: Excited that the PS5 is making a comeback? 

Of course, you are!

If you’re still on the lookout for a PlayStation 5, GameStop is proving to be your best bet.

The store enjoys selling its devices as part of pricey bundles in order to make a little extra profit.

Prevent your PS5 from Scratches and have this horizontal stand for your PS5! 

According to the GameStop website, PS5 bundles will be available in-store on July 16, exclusively for PowerUp Rewards Pro members.

Don’t forget that there’s one retailer that sells PS5 consoles in-store every day!  And even better, they don’t raise the prices by putting the devices in bundles either.

On top of that, Amazon is letting fans sign up for a PS5 restock invite too. Be sure to take advantage of the new offer and you’ll have your new console in no time.