Some Predictions and Rumours Too

PS Plus July 2022 Free Games

Free games can make anyone go crazy!

Sony’s new version of the service offers free games for players to either download or stream via Cloud storage.

Sony offers its subscription service “PlayStation Plus” for players to get free games and online access. With no extra charges, Sony will transfer its PS Now subscribers to this new service.

A selection of PS4 and PS5 games will be added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium games list and the monthly games are being cut down to two. And it seems like Sony is ignoring its PS Plus Essential as it now offers fewer triple-A games.

we have mentioned some leaks and prediction about the PS Plus July 2022 free games. 

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PS Plus July 2022 Free Games:

The list is not completely out yet but we know one game that will be included in the Extra and Premium next month.


A third-person cat adventure game in which a stray cat that is lost, alone, and separated from his family must untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cybercity and find the way home.

PS Plus July 2022 Prediction:

For the Essential tier game list, according to some rumors, these two games are predicted.

Manifold Garden [PS4 & PS5]:

A game that reimagines the laws of physics. World of impossible architecture, rediscover gravity and and explore a beautiful Escher-esque. See the world in new ways by manipulating gravity to change your perspective.

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