Good News For iPhone and PlayStation users

Android user?  There’s Good News for you too but a bit later in this year!

Backbone has announced Backbone One – PlayStation Edition getting inspired by the latest PS5 DualSesne controller.  And is an officially licensed mobile controller for iPhone users.

According to Backbone, its official iOS app will include unique integrations for both the PlayStation and PS Remote play apps with new games coming to PS4 or PS5.

PS Remote Play


The Backbone One is available from iPhone 6S Plus to the latest iPhones and if you want to use it on iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max, make sure you request an adapter for either phone to work with the controller due to their thick camera bumps.

Supports Most Models


The Backbone One – PlayStation Edition is available today at the price of $99.99 and is available on Amazon, and Backbone’s official website



It is confirmed that the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition will be coming this fall and you can pre-order it on Backbone’s official website at the same price as the iOS model: $99.99 and includes a 3-month trial for discord Nitro and a 2-month free trial of Stadia Pro.

Android users:


Let Us Know What do you think about Backbone One which makes your iPhone look like the Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck or the ROG 6 Pro in handheld mode?

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