Releasing  july 12! 4 PM BST

An ALL NEW Design

A Little Dope, A Little Different

Releasing  july 12

Catch Live

>>> nothing phone(1)

New Team?

From the minds behind the OnePlus and led by the relentless CEO Carl Pei

>>> promoting design as their USP

Primary feature

GLYPH LIGHTS & Transparent Back

900 LEDs at the back of your phone with multiple functions

>>> Transparent back

See right through!

Watching the nicely packed internals with white aesthetics all around looks very pleasing

>>> Glyph lights

Your Charging Indicator

Just shake your phone to know how much it's charged

>>> Glyph lights

Mega Notification LED

Couples up with 10 ringtones that are default. So, you can know who’s calling you just by looking at it


>>> Specs > processor

A Mid-Tier Balanced Chip

This is a mid-tier chip but it's been modified to support wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. But, the stance the company’s taken on this chip is that they chose it because it’s a balance between performance and energy consumption and costs.

>>> SPECS > Screen

Amazing Display

1. 6.55 Inch 2. 120 HZ OLED panel 3. 1080 x 2400 pixels

>>> Specs > Battery

Enough for your day!

4,500 mAh battery with 45W fast charging

>>> SPECS > CAmera(unconfirmed)

Powerful Combo

1. Back: 50MP + 16MP UltraWide 2. Front: 16MP Camera

Looks Similar

The phone looks to take on APPLE

What does it more look like? iPhone X  OR  iPhone 12

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