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By: The cpu Guide

Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld

Get the best of cloud gaming right in your hands. The 7-inch full HD 1080p touchscreen, 12+ hour battery life, and lightweight portability mean an exceptional experience while you play hundreds of AAA video game titles 

Logitech G CLOUD takes massive libraries of AAA titles and advanced graphics (up to 1080P/60FPS) from the cloud and puts it all in your hands. This allows you to play a ridiculous amount of games from Xbox1Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate., NVIDIA GeForce NOW, and even Steam Link. Just pickup CLOUD and play anywhere you have WiFi2 

Some Highlighted Features

1.Sharp 7'' 1080p display

2. High quality controllers

3. Long 12-hour battery life

4. Access to Google Play Store

5. Access to Xbox & Steam

Releasing Date

18 Octber 2022