How to Play With Other Regions in Valorant?


Want to play with other regions in Valorant?


Want to play with across the region but Valorant restricts you in your own region? Don't worry about It!

What region is Valorant available?

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They are six regions are available with multiple server locations in one region. 

1. North America (NA) 

2. Latin America (LATAM)  

3. Brazil (BR)  

4. European Union (EU) 

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5. Korea (KR) 

6. Asian Pacific (AP)  

Can you change the region on Valorant?

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According to the Valorant changing region is only allowed when you explained and give a satisfactory reason for changing the region in your account to the Riot support. 

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Play With Other Regions in Valorant Via Using VPN

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Here is how you can do it:

1. Open the VPN

2. Set the region of the VPN in which region you like to play

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3.Open a new account on Riot official website 

4.Log in Valorant

5. Play a Match

6. Play a Match

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7.Your region available servers will appear 

8. Select any server you like to


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