How to Get More Skill Points in Lost Ark|  5 Ways

Skill points are important in Lost Ark as they can be used to choose skills and can unlock additional tiers.


You must have noticed that when you reach level 50, you are no longer leveling up but some of your skills are still not maxed.

Don’t worry you can still earn more skills points apart from leveling up and these are called Skill Point Potions.

Skill Points Potion is account-wide, which means they’ll benefit every character in your roaster. Standard Skill Point Potions will give you three skill points and rare greater ones will give you six skill points.

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1| Adventure Tome Completion:

You can earn Skill Point Potions by completing the percentage for Adventure Tome. Do keep in mind that you can’t complete this in a single day or even in a few days, this will take time.

2| Climbing The Towers:

More Skill Point Potions can be earned from both Towers near the Boss Rush statues and Dimensional Cube. It is advised to do both towers for the first time on an Alt character because the reward will be Roster shareable.

3| Quest Rewards:

You can earn more Skill Point Potions by completing Side Quests. On an alt character, the side quest can be completed again to get more rewards but it won’t give more Skill Point Potions.

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See more details on Blog!