GTA 6 Rumors

GTA 6 Rumors

Rumors about the long-awaited release of Grand Theft Auto 6 are again spreading online.

Some people on the internet are convinced Rockstar Games is about to announce Grand Theft Auto 6 thanks to a mysterious tweet and other oddities.

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Twitter user KRYPTO9095 started the stir with a simple but eye-catching post claiming GTA 6 is coming in the form of an image holding up a Rockstar sticker.

El Nitro 56, another Twitter user and YouTuber, shared the same tweet shortly after.

It doesn’t take much for fans to get excited over rumors, and this is happening once again due to some curious activity surrounding a couple of musicians/YouTubers that heavily cover Grand Theft Auto news.

Reports say that people connected to the creation of Grand Theft Auto 6 are now strongly hinting at a future announcement that might make some waves. Although nothing has been said officially.

White Lightning

Some say El Nitro 56 is a GTA 6 actor or music producer, while others feel that a hoax is being conducted by both. The problem is that the evidence isn’t strong for either side.

What do you say about them? Share your thoughts with us!

What do you say about them? Share your thoughts with us!