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Google will send air raid alerts to Ukrainian 

The world was shocked when Russia invaded Ukraine. Dozens of people died including innocent civilians and children.

Ukrainian government officials are doing everything they can to protect the population, including asking local and international companies for support

like they called gaming companies to ban Russia.

Many big companies like Apple and Amazon have already stopped sales within Russia, each citing “logistical problems” as the cause without any further explanation.

Even Reddit also bans all links to the Russian state.

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Google had already been quick to respond by disabling ads on Russian TV stations’ YouTube channels.

But now it’s taking things one step further for Android users in Ukraine.

It’s launching an early warning system, the Ukrainian Alarm App[Повітряна тривога], that will alert people when bombs or ammunition are dropped or fired in their vicinity.

These alerts are sent to people in areas where an attack is imminent. The company states that it is using its Maps technology to find users who are close to a specific location of probable attacks.

"Tragically, millions of people in Ukraine now rely on airstrike alerts to try to get to safety"

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In an updated blog post on March 10, Google said:

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See What Google Has More To Say 

See What Google Has More To Say