Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch is announced, but when will it come out?

This is more than just a standard watch however as it will be powered by Wear OS [Android Wear] and will boast LTE support for connected features via an app called Google Fit. 

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The core goal is to collect as much health data from you as possible and improve upon it. 

By making this device LTE enabled it brings in other features included as Google Assistant and physical fitness tracking [with the help of built-in NFC]. 

The Pixel Watch has three buttons, one on the right side of the face and two on the left, a circular face with a domed design and glass that looks like it curves over the edges.

The watch is made of recycled stainless steel and there’s a tactile crown that looks similar to the Apple Watch.


The Pixel Watch might have a battery capacity of 300mAh [via 9to5Google]. This makes it quite a bit smaller than the Galaxy Watch 4’s 247mAh, yet bigger than the Pebble Time Round’s 200mAh.

This is fine though because it will be offered with cellular connectivity.

Battery Life

What’s perhaps most exciting about this new device is that it’ll leverage Fitbit fitness tracking.

With the Google Pixel Watch’s new fitness tracking technology and redesign, you can get a well-rounded health metric experience on your wrist.

Health tracking and Fitbit integration

the Pixel Watch uses an Exynos 9110 processor

But it's from 2018