Are you getting DNS errors and after some time you start getting ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT? 

How do I fix  Err_Connection_Timed_Out?

There are multiple ways to fix  ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT some are mentioned down below. 11. Clear Cookie & Cache 2. Update the drivers 3. Change LAN Settings 4. Flush DNS

Delete Browser Cookies & Cache

Solution 1

1. Press Ctrl + H. 2. The History page will open 3. On the left side Click on Clear browsing data. 4. Select the All-Time option from the time range

5. Check all the options Boxes 6. Select the Cookies and Cached data option 7. Click the Clear data button 8. And your cookies and cache will be cleared.

Change the LAN Setting

Solution 2

1. Click on the Search bar 2. Type "control panel" 3. Click on the "Control Panel" Icon 4. Adjust the "View By" as "Large Icon" 5. Find the "Internet Options"

6. Click on it 7. A window will open name "Internet Properties" 8. Navigate to the "Connection Tab" 9.. Click on the "LAN settings" 10. A new Window Will open its name as "Local Area Network" Settings.

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