Change Mouse Sensitivity/DPI On  Windows 11

Since the launch of Windows 11 

many users who were waiting for it eagerly downloaded it on unsupported devices and it leads to many bugs.

What are the advantages of changing the DPI on Windows 11?

you might be wondering

>>> advantages of changing DPI on Windows 11

Top 5 Advantages

 Your gameplay will be enhanced.

Photo editing will be precise.

You will be able to take a perfect shot of your enemy in the game.

Mouse performance will be increased.

You will have more accuracy in your work.


How to Change Mouse Sensitivity/DPI on Windows 11?

So here is how you can Change Mouse Sensitivity/DPI on Windows 11:

1. Click on the Windows icon 

2. Click on the settings icon

move on to the next slide for more steps

3. A new window will pop up

4. Now click on Bluetooth & devices and then select the Mouse option.

5. The Mouse window will open

6.Select the Additional mouse settings 

7. Mouse Properties will open and now select the Pointer Options tab.

8. Under the Select a pointer speed, drag the slider to the left it will decrease the DPI

9.And if you will drag the slider to the right it will increase the DPI/Sensitivity.

10. Also, you can try other things such as Hide pointer while typing or turning off pointer trails.

11. When you are done changing mouse sensitivity settings click Apply to save changes. 


How to Change Mouse Sensitivity/DPI on Windows 11 Using the DPI button?

1. Go to your branded mouse website via Google.

2. Look for the driver of your brand and install it on your PC. 3. After installing it you can launch the driver and adjust DPI settings according to your needs.

4. And you will be able to know How to Change Mouse Sensitivity/DPI on Windows 11 using the DPI button.

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