How to  breathe underwater in minecraft

Looking For How To Breathe Underwater in Minecraft? Or, Want to breathe Underwater a little longer in Minecraft?

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How To Breathe Underwater in Minecraft?

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There's a whole new world under the Ocean, which needs to be explore.

In Minecraft, you can breathe underwater for only 15 seconds

So to solve How to Breathe Underwater in Minecraft have compiled a list of solutions for you


Way 1

By Crafting Potion of Water Breathing

You need only 3 things to craft Potion of Water Breathing

1 Nether Wart

1 Pufferfish

1 Water Bottle


You can breathe underwater for at least 3 minutes by drinking this potion

Thick Brush Stroke
Palm Leaf

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Way 2

By Using Respiration Enchantment Helmet

Turtle Shell in Minecraft will give you extra 10 seconds when wearing.

You can easily make Turtle Shell in Minecraft with only 1 ingredient

5 Scutes


Swipe up to see the full process of how to collect scute and how to make Turtle Shell.

You need to find an enchantment book with a spell on it and  then add it to  the helmet.

And it increases the breathing time by 15 seconds per level and consists of a maximum of 3 levels. 

More Ways

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