Apple AR/VR


Most Awaited Apple’s product is its AR/VR Headset.

Apple is working on this project for a long time but every year it got delayed due to some issues.

Recently Apple had a WWDC event, to which    Rumors say that Apple has a secret team of hundreds of employees working on this project. This can be true as new hiring at Apple has ramped up over the last several years.

Here is everything we know so far about Apple’s AR/VR Headset.

Initially, it was suggested that Apple will unveil the Headset at some point in 2022, most likely at the WWDC event in June, chances are they will maybe. But now some reports say we won’t be able to see it until 2023.

Release Date:

WWDC 2022 All You Need To Know

In design, it is more similar to the Oculus Quest using a lightweight fabric material. It is believed to have a curved eyeshade and soft netting that can easily fit on your face. The headbands in the Headset are swappable and a size adjustment option is available.


Three in total displays in the Headset where two will be of high resolution 4K micro OLED Display and the third one will be of a lower resolution AMOLED display on the back.  The AR/VR Headset will have dozen of cameras to feature different things

Display & Cameras:

Apple is rumored to be making a wearable thimble-like device that a person can wear on the finger and it will be connected to the headset to track hand gestures, meanings it can open the possibility door of writing in the thin air.

Tracking Technology:

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