Android 13, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system, will debut this fall.

At Google I/O, the company shared some of its biggest updates, including personalization options, improved security and privacy features, support for more text messaging apps, better Google Wallet integration, and new ways to connect with other devices.

Android 13’s codename has been confirmed to be Tiramisu. The company uses codenames internally for some of its operating systems and devices, including Android and the Pixel lineup.

Code   Name

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Google has been working with carriers and phone manufacturers over the past several years to make it easier for you to send high-quality photos, and messages over Wi-Fi, a better group messaging experience, typing indicators, and encryption of one-to-one conversations automatically.

Support for encrypted group chats will roll out later this year.

End-to-End Encryption

Android 13 now has relevant APIs that allow developers to use separate apps with different languages than the main language setting of their devices.


Google Wallet—a digital wallet that lets you pay with your phone, is getting some updates, including a way to store copies of your physical cards.

The app lets you store digital versions of your essential documents, including payment cards, transit passes, office badges, vaccine records, car keys and boarding passes.

Google Wallet

New in Android 13 is privacy enhancements to the photo picker.

Designed to improve privacy, these new changes allow users to share certain photos with apps without giving access to their whole photo library, which is a major privacy improvement.

Photo Picker

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