How to  Take a screenshot


4 Easy Ways

How to  Take a screenshot


Screenshotting is a very common operation

Sometimes one way  doesn't work and we wonder if there is Any Other?

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 4 Ways

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Power + Volume Down Button

If you have a Redmi, whether it's 9t, Note 10, Note 8 Pro, Note 10s,   

Press the Power and Volume Button Simultaneously


Redmi Note 10 Pro Using Gesture

This three-finger gesture  works for latest Redmi Note 10

Go to Settings > Additional Setting

Now tap on Gesture Shortcuts > Take a Screenshot

You will see an option naming Slide 3 fingers down.


Ask Google Assistant to do it for You

Just say the Following Phrase

Okay Google, take a screenshot 


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Notification bar 

Easiest way to take a screenshot on Huawei P40 pro  

Swipe down the notification bar and tap on screenshot button

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